Boiled Eggs,oil,cherries,painting
Boiled Eggs
24x36  Oil
 Radish and Cherry,still life, realistic
Radish & Cherry
20x30   Oil
 Cherry Champagne,lace,realsim
Cherry Champagne
20x20   Oil
 Wine Corks #3,realsim
Wine Corks #3
24x24   Oil
 Wine Corks #4,realsim
Wine Corks #4
30x24   Oil
 Wine Corks #5,realism
Wine Corks #5
24x24   OIL
Fall Memories,realism,pickles,
Fall Memories
12x24 Oil
Lots to eat,vegetables,cherries,pears
Lots to Eat
18x36   Oil
 Corks #6, contemporary painting, large subject,wine,
Corks #6
24x24  Acrylic
20x40   Acrylic
20x40   Acrylic
 Olives on a Fork,still life,realsim
Olives on a Fork
30x15   Oil
 Full House,olives,cherries,realism
Full House
11x14   Oil
 Goblet and Nine Cherries,lace,realism
Goblet & Nine Cherries
24x18   Oil
 Eggs and Cherries,realsim,still life
Eggs & Cherries
11x14   Oil
Corks #2,wine corks,olives,still life painting
Corks #2  8x24  Oil
Sliced Cucumber,olives,realism
Sliced Cucumber
8x24   Oil
Red Onion #3, still life painting, vegetables,fruit
Red Onion #3
24x36  Oil

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